Welcome to Love That Book's first blogpost ever. And what a time to begin! There's so much going on in Love That Book world and in the book world everywhere.

First, I will introduce us. We are Love That Book, an independent bookshop on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. We currently have two shops: one at Westfield Shopping Centre in Helensvale and the other at the Southport Park Shopping Centre, Southport.  I could give you the blah blah about our association with Angus and Robertson, but it’s history now. If you are really curious, check out the A&R tab up the top of the page there. If you are far more interested in the here and now, however, read on......

Today we're delighted to have the fourth and much-anticipated Christopher Paolini book 'Inheritance' finally in-store. 'Brisingr', book 3 in the series, came out in Australia in August 2009 and we've had people come in every week since asking, “When's the next one coming out?” Suffice to say there are some very happy fans here today!

So that’s a bit of worldwide news. On a national scale, Powderfinger’s book 'Footprints' arrived yesterday, coinciding with their newly-released cd, and it's a terrific look at the band's history. And on a much smaller scale, we here at Love That Book Helensvale came in this morning to two brand-new red pillars at the front of our store. Our shopfitters have finally begun the process of replacing the old Angus & Robertson colours and signs with beautiful, bright, fire-engine red pillars and our Love That Book logo and signs.  Oh, that makes us so happy!  It will probably take a week to complete and some final touches we can’t do till January but for the most part we will no longer be green.

We also all prettied up with Chrissy decs, though I know some of you may not want to hear that it is 6 weeks till Christmas. Yikes, actually I didn’t want to know that myself! Anyway - focus - that means yes, we are all pretty with decorations but more importantly, our shelves are brimming with amazing books.  The months leading up to Christmas are so much fun for a bookseller/booklover. There are so many wonderful titles to choose from, and here are just a few:

So that's it for our first blog. Tomorrow I will put up something new, and hopefully the day after and the day after that too.  If you want to check out all the lovely books however, head in to your local bookshop - yes, there are some left! Search them out, they are so lovely and worth finding, and the staff will love you for it.
In particular, come in and visit us!
8/11/2011 18:11:28

Congratulations on your first blog!!!!! May there be many more!!


Yay! Congrats on your first blog. Blogging is so much fun :D Enjoy!!

Rose M
9/11/2011 03:07:02

Congrats on your first blog and it sounds as exciting as you must be. Have a terrific season esp in your own colours and banners, Benette, and if I ever leave lovely Melbourne (cool again now) and head north, I'll be sure to pop in. Hugs to you both. xox

12/11/2011 22:27:53

Great to see you blogging, Benette. It's fab to hear the booksellers perspective for a change!

14/11/2011 04:33:56

Fantastic to read your blog Benette! Looking forward to a proper, non-rushed, double-pram free Chrissy shop very soon! :-)


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