Today I was planning on continuing the super Xmas book roundup but first I have to tell you that all of the pillars at the front of the shop are now Love That Book red. A new sign and a bit of inside work to go and we look all shiny and brand new. Yay!
Also have to tell you about "The Terrible Plop". I spent the morning at the GCAC, where the Windmill Theatre Group were performing The Terrible Plop adapted from the absolutely gorgeous children's book written by Ursula Dubosarsky and illustrated by Andrew Joyner. "Here is the story of the Terrible Plop, with a bear and a rabbit And a hop hop hop." So very very cute and makes me crave chocolate cake every time I open it.

Ok now let's see what is out there to help you with your Christmas shopping. Beautifully illustrated, lovely demi-sized hard cover "The Language of Flowers, A Miscellany" for my mum and the new Heston Blumenthal cookbook for me.
I have just realized why I haven't blogged before - at least with facebook there is a character limit. Here I can go on forever.
Focus...... Christmas books.

Peter Watt has a new book out for Christmas. Pete is a fabulous Aussie writer and we have customers who come in every December for their next fix. He is a truly nice guy and his stories are always extremely well researched and just great reads.

Ok there are actually too many good books to tell you about individually and as I am new to this, I have spent way to long trying to work out how to post pretty pictures so I'm going to cheat a little..... check out the following pics.  One for the kids, one secret Santa or just for after Chrissy day, and two just for just the loveliness of all those books. (Hope  you can work out which is which).
And there are still so many more.

Drop in and tell us what your Christmas picks are, we love hearing what people are reading!
And don't forget next week we have JAMIE DURIE in-store!