Last night we had the pleasure of hosting an event with Sue Pieters-Hawke who is currently on tour promoting her new book 'Hazel - My Mother's Story.' I've been looking forward to this since the lovely publisher at Pan Macmillan first asked me to arrange it, and I was not disappointed. Sue is a wonderful speaker, full of passion and drive about the causes she believes in, intelligent and warm and down-to-earth. She had the audience of seventy people alternately spell-bound and laughing. Her stories about her mother's life were fascinating, and the insight into a family that we've all known just a little through the media was intriguing. She spoke movingly of her mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis and the changes in their lives since. This was by no means a depressing story, however, because Sue has such a sense of humour and it's clear from some of the stories she told that her mother does too. There's no doubt that Hazel is a truly compassionate woman strongly driven to help those less fortunate than us, and I can't wait to read the book.

Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of our nearly-finished shopfront! Our new sign is up and has the cutest LED hearts, so to celebrate feeling the love I'll be writing about the five books I most often recommend with the phrase, "I love that book!"